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We at MGP are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive range of products including single family detached / attached residences, low / high-rise apartments, commercial complexes and suburban sites with clubhouses and recreational facilities. We provide complete information to each client in order to help them accomplish their life-long personal or business objectives. Actualizing the successful completion of a Real Estate Development in a process. We embrace the fact that a process is a combination of steps, each of which require professional and personal attention in the form of experience, skills and technology. We are dedicated to completely satisfying our clients with a wide range of products, the professional assistance and the advanced information tools necessary to give them the most advantageous position possible. We practice a philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure the satisfaction of current and future demands of our clients. We provide service with integrity and honesty. Our company is a nice place where people want to work, stay and grow.

Customizing the built up environment to accommodate your dreams and to be in harmony with the natural environment; fostering good community living through the use of the best in technology and design.

To Build

  • Customized, eco-friendly, well maintained residential complexes and Individual homes that support harmonious community living.
  • Aesthetic, functional, high quality commercial spaces and offices.
  • Service apartments that offer comfort, proximity to commercial hubs, and access to good transport facilities.

Supported by

  • Use of technology, innovation and the best materials to consistently deliver high quality buildings.
  • Clear titles to your properties
  • Timely delivery


  • Guidance in selecting the property to suit your dreams.
  • Work closely with you in customizing your apartment/Individual homes/office.
  • Loan assistance.
  • Assisting you in the upkeep of your premises to add value to your investment.

Our people are our strength! Though you may have come across this line in many organizations, this is absolutely spot-on in MGP.

We have more people walking in than walking out-our attrition level is very low. Nearly 25% of our employees have more than 20 years & next 25% have more than 15 years service in the construction Industry.

Site engineers work through day and night, through weekdays and weekends, to ensure high-quality construction and timely delivery. Our office staffs are always available to meet the customers and listen to their requirements.

To commemorate this spirit of oneness and passion, MGP celebrates its Annual Day every year on February 23. And this celebration is preceded by a weekend excursion where the employees get an opportunity to take a break from work!

If you wish to be a part of the growing MGP family you may write to us at

MGP Advantages

At MGP, the same care and attention to detail goes into whatever we do, regardless of project size. We are focused on adding value to a property from start to finish. We realize that several factors go into providing real estate solutions that protect customer investment- most importantly, Location, Design, Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, Timely Execution, Transparency and Customer Service. These are the fundamentals of our approach.

Perfect Locations:
One way of identifying the best areas in Chennai is to look for a MGP project. Our policy of building up reserves of prime land ensures that our buildings offer the best addresses, both residential and commercial.

MGP‘s property development activities enjoy proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping facilities, communication services etc. Sites are also chosen keeping in mind an environment conducive to healthy living.

Architectural Design:
We work with the best architects and each of our projects is characterized by design that is both creative and functional. At the outset, we are focused on the customers who will ultimately inhabit and use the space, and all elements of design concentrate on ensuring that their needs are fulfilled.

Quality structural materials and fittings from reputed brands known for trouble-free maintenance are chosen, as MGP makes no compromise on quality. From selecting a site to delivering a finished building, quality consciousness pervades all our operations. It is our firm belief that not only do buildings of quality constantly increase in value, they are also easier to maintain in the long run, thus benefiting all those associated with them.

Cost Effectiveness:
MGP’s contract with each customer expressly states that no escalation in price will be charged. This is because prices are fixed after careful study of prevailing market price, taking into consideration the land price and construction cost. To understand what makes a project feasible requires experience and long term vision. We study and identify market trends and customer requirements before we embark on construction, and monitor costs at each step of the way. It is our endeavor to always provide options that provides best value-for-money today, and continuous appreciation in the future.

Title Deeds:
MGP cares for absolute clear title for properties that are unencumbered and are eligible for obtaining loans from any housing financial institution by individual customers of flats. All agreements are clean, precise and drafted to safeguard the interests of the customers leaving no room for ambiguity or irregularity.

Title Deeds:
To deliver true benefits, projects must be effectively managed, not only to monitor costs , but also to control scheduling. Our integrated systems, sophisticated infrastructure and professional project management techniques ensure streamlined operations and timely completion.

Amenities, Alteration:
MGP provides all amenities like vehicle parking, room for domestic help etc. MGP is well aware that customers have individual tastes and preferences and whole-heartedly implement customer suggestions without altering the total structure or design. Extra amenities are also provided to the customers at nominal additional cost.

Interior, Exterior Designing, Landscaping:
MGP assists customers in interior design and provides valuable suggestions for the optimum use of space. We believe that the immediate environment is as important as quality of construction and so well-planned garden landscapes enhance the visual appeal of each project making every project an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Customer Service:
Our steadily expanding customer base is the result of a genuine understanding of diverse client requirements. From designing and constructing an entire complex for one customer, to helping individuals with paper-work, the emphasis is always on maximizing customer satisfaction.